Design - Site Acquisition - Engineering - Construction - Installation - Integration - Optimization - Maintenance

We build and upgrade wireless networks across all technologies for service providers, telecom vendors, and tower company customers. Leveraging our end-to-end wireless technology portfolio, we are active at every stage of the network lifecycle.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • RF Engineering
  • Site Acquisition
  • Network Upgrades & Decom
  • Regulatory Support
  • EV Charging / IKE
  • New Site Builds
  • Transport / Site Hardening
  • Disaster Recovery / Special Events
  • Indoor Solutions
  • Commissioning & Integration
  • Network Testing & Optimization
  • Special Event &  Network Monitoring 

Regional success is driven by the program leaders because they know the little things matter.

Dillin, Area Vice President

Circet E2E Capabilities

RF Engineering Services

Circet US has over 20 Years of Experience in RF Services with experience in complex programs like Site Modifications, Build-to-Suit, New Site Builds Across all Technologies (4G, 5G, CBRS, etc.)

  • Extensive Experience in End-to-End Services with Industry-Leading Back Office Support
  • 45,000+ LTE/NR Carriers Designed
  • 5,000+ LTE/NR Sites Optimized 
  • 3,000 Upgrades of 4G and 5G Mobile Sites
  • O-RAN and Private LTE Network Design and Core / Transport Engineering Support

RF Design

Circet USA has over 2 decades of experience helping our customers design and meet their network performance improvement objectives through our RF design services.

  • Search Area Creation
  • Candidate Analysis/Review/Selection
  • RF Site Walk
  • Zoning Preparation & Filing Radio Frequency Engineering (RF) support
  • Final Design / Construction Hand Off
  • Activation & Project Close Out
  • RFDS Generation / Site modification request
  • Emergency 911 (E911) Database Maintenance
  • Project Tracking and Coordination

RF Optimization Services

Circet USA has a vast knowledge in providing RF Optimization services through the industry. Using our experienced staff and diverse set of solutions, we provide wireless network improvements.

  • RF pre-turnup Health Checks
  • RFDS and database update
  • Site release and OA notification
  • Parameter Audit and Discrepancy checks
  • Alarm checks and Trouble ticket creation
  • Site Baseline and optimization Drive test
  • Parameter tuning and single site optimization
  • Site KPI Monitoring
  • Mini cluster optimization
  • Performance acceptance
  • RF Close-out packages

Special Event Monitoring

Networks are subjected to extremes of traffic, noise, and customer behavior during Special Events; however, operators might not be able to devote sufficient attention to maximizing the customer experience during these events.

CIRCET’s event monitoring services help customers with the monitoring and optimization of their network with our systematic and consistent approach during special events.

KPI Monitoring

  • Market Wide Network Monitoring during weekend and holidays


  • Investigating Issues at Site/Cell level


  • Mitigating issues on impacted cell to improve KPI Performance and maintaining an activity tracker

Alarm Monitoring

  • SI alarm check and reporting using OneConsole and Monitor

TT Creation and Communication

  • Trouble-Ticket for SI sites and communicating the allocated Field Engineer along with RF On-Call


  • Periodic updates of Network Status and Performance to the customer and Summary at the end of the day


Our Monitoring Stats at a Glance

Network Weekend Monitoring

Heartland:  1300+ Sites Investigated during the whole project  |  30+ Avg. Site issues resolved/Week

Atlanta:  260+ Sites Touched so far  |  10+ Avg. Site issues resolved/Week

Connecticut:  100+ Sites Investigated and took actions  8+ Avg. Site issues resolved/Week

Denver:  400+ Sites Investigated and took actions  45+ Avg. Site issues resolved/Week

Minneapolis:  150+ Sites Investigated and took actions  |  18+ Avg. Issues handled/Week

Des Moines:  50+ Sites Touched  7+ Avg. Sites Issue resolved/Week

Mobile:  330+ Sites Investigated and took actions  |  30+ Avg. Sites Issues resolved/Week

BEM:  140+ Sites Investigated and took actions  |  15+ Avg. Sites Reporting Issue in BHM/Week


Special Event Monitoring (SEM)

  • 2 - Presidential Inaugurations Monitored (2017 and 2021)
  • 9 – Years of Mardi Gras (since 2015)
  • 18+ Markets served so far.
  • 190+ Events Monitored till 2023 alone.
  • 166 Events in 2022 and 500+ events in total so far
  • 11 – NFL Team’s Home Games Monitored
  • 7 - College Football Team’s Home Games Monitored


Indoor Services


The CIRCET Planning, Design, Integration and Optimization Model for neutral host, standalone, Public Safety or Small Cell provides framework and guidelines for successful delivery of DAS networks. CIRCET has the expertise to deliver quality wireless solutions for all type of venues (small, media and large).

CIRCET Inbuilding DAS Services

CIRCET has many years of experience providing the necessary network services, including the wireless access point as well as the network design, installation and maintenance.

Our Carrier Coordination Program helps customers avoid project delays by working with wireless carriers on behalf of the end user. We can provide quality cellular coverage for any type of building, no matter where it’s located, on time and within budget.

CIRCET Outdoor DAS Services

CIRCET experts increase wireless coverage and capacity by installing nodes, antennas and necessary fiber optic cabling on existing infrastructure, such as utility poles. Although towers have greater coverage areas, large buildings, rough terrain and distance from a tower can result in poor service. With o-DAS, antennas are installed in multiple locations to guarantee strong connections for everyone regardless of their location.

For college campuses, stadiums or entire communities that need wireless service now, projects are completed quickly and at the lowest cost. In addition, CIRCET offers quality system monitoring services, ensuring solutions today for tomorrow’s problems. 

Public Safety

We deliver in-building RF coverage solutions and consolidated emergency communication systems that meet the real-time, fail-safe needs of first responders, public safety agencies and jurisdictions. 

Circet offers end-to-end solutions to help cities, counties, campuses, MDUs, ports and stadiums make smart, informed and sustainable decisions about their wireless networks for public access, public works and public safety applications. These networks are supporting digital inclusion, improving public safety, making municipal employees more productive, driving economic development and enhancing the quality of life for people living and working in these environments.
Circet provides market-leading wireless solutions, including: Wi-Fi, public safety and 5.9 GHz networks. Our mesh networks can be built from existing wired points-of-presence as needed allowing you to deploy infrastructure only when and where subscriber demand and/or need exists. Additional nodes can be easily added to the mesh to target specific areas or buildings adding capacity as required.

RF Regulatory Services

Pre-EME Analysis with required mitigation for rooftops/water tanks/small cells/macro/in-building sites using administrative controls as well as engineering controls if required.

Post-EME Analysis with completed mitigation for rooftops/water tanks/small cells/macro/in-building sites showing the locations of the measurements, measurement value and site pictures.

  1. Experienced team of Regulatory Specialist and RFE/EME Analysts
  2. Extensive experience in Pre-EME/Desktop studies
  3. Quality reports with Engineering Controls for mitigation
  4. Expert in Field studies and NSA Audits
  5. Site Walks and Signage Audits


Software Solutions

NMaaS – In- House Event Monitoring tool

     Key Features:

  • Past and Upcoming Events Data: Gain valuable insights by accessing past events data, enabling you to analyze cluster/COW performance trends. Additionally, stay ahead by viewing upcoming events, empowering proactive planning and resource allocation.
  • Request New Events: We've made it easier than ever for you to customize your monitoring experience. Simply fill out our intuitive request form to enquire about new events and cost involved.
  • LTE and 5G Performance Visualization: Stay informed about the performance of LTE and 5G networks with visualization capabilities. Easily monitor key metrics and trends to study performance and user experience.
  • Event Subscriptions: Simply click "Subscribe" to upcoming events already listed under your market to ensure timely alignment of resources and event preparation.
  • Event Monitoring: Circet SEM Team can monitor events and prepare hourly emails using this tool in a much faster way.