Who is Circet USA

Circet USA is a leading network services provider, with tailored services including the design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of wireline and wireless networks. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Circet USA, we commit to sustainability by providing our Customers with solutions that support shared priorities for environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and corporate social responsibility. Through business practices and streamlined processes, we reduce waste and optimize resources.

We prioritize safety in our facilities, the health and safety of our Employees and contractors, respect for the environment, and we support the communities in which we live and work.

Cirect USA is committed to sustainability by providing our customers solutions that support shared priorities for environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and social responsibility, through practices that streamline processes, reduce waste, and make the most of resources in the supply chain.   A business is not sustainable unless it uses the least amount of resources to produce the most value for its customers.  - Mike Slone, Chief Operating Officer, Circet USA


Safety Vision

We will strive to circumvent every incident of environmental harm, workplace illness or injury and commit every resource to accomplish that goal.

We will achieve this by: 

  • Establishing an injury and illness prevention program
  • Inspiring each employee to welcome personal accountability and ownership to improve the overall I2P2 of themselves, their colleagues, and those around them
  • Holding each other accountable for the objectives and measurements of the program
  • Communicating results and implementing a robust continuous and preventative improvement program.

Safety Policy

Circet USA is committed to providing an injury-free workplace and believes all injuries are preventable. The well-being of employees, customers, vendors, and private individuals is priority number one, and we strive to create a preventative safety policy for the benefit of all associated personnel. Safety is the responsibility of all employees.

Our history


KGP acquires TE Professional Services from TE Connectivity, forming BlueStream Professional Services


KGP Acquires Tempest DAS/Small Cell Division


KGP Acquires AFL EF&I Division


KGP Acquires CommScope ASI Field Services Division


KGP and BlueStream become KGPCo


BlueStream becomes KGP Services


KGP Services and Circet partner to create a global leader in communication network services


KGP Services, a Circet company, acquires Further Enterprise Solutions (FES)


KGP Services is rebranded to Circet USA